I wrote this a few months ago while I was doing my internship, earlier this year. I sent this in for a competition but I never got a feedback so here is my write up for you to enjoy. I feel if you pay attention to the words you will round up the year beautifully and have a fun-filled Christmas.

Today I’ve decided to remain in my silences

And hear myself breathe lightly and slowly.

To hear the sound of my ball point pen

Kissing the coloured pages of my journal.

I pause and smile to myself

But I’m interrupted by footsteps

 Of a man who walks into my office.

Looking up at him as he smiles softly at me

I listened carefully to the syllables

Of his early morning greeting.

“Bonjour!” I reply with a smile.


As I walk down the lift lobby

I hear the rings of elevators

As they skilfully create a beautiful symphony

Making an awesome musical melody

Along with the rhythm of my footsteps.

I’m welcomed into the coffee room by warmth

As I pause to hear the door close behind me

Along with the sound of my cappuccino

Slowly filling my paper cup.

I reach to pick it up and then

I take a sip as it marries my sense of smell.



As I seat and place my cup on my table

I hear the clicks of a mouse along with a keyboard

Coming from the table behind me

Partitioned by a thinly sealed glass wall

I’m interrupted by the ring of my cell phone

But I dance along as I allow it to ring on

It stops before getting to the end of my favourite song.

As I reach to pick it to shut off its sound

I hear the sound of my bracelets

Racing down my wrist hitting one another

In semblance to balls on a pool table.


Walking out of my office building on my way to lunch

I hear the wind as it sweeps through my locks

But another sound beckons my attention.

It’s a leaf grazing the cemented floor

As the breeze sweeps it along

I wonder why it lay there unaccompanied

As if it awaited a journey with the wind.

I walk down to the buffet table

Hearing the sounds from people chatting

In no rhythm with clanking cutleries

With them hardly even noticing.


This was the most breath-taking experience

I ever had with my true nature.

Letting go of surrounding distractions

And letting my heart slowly lead me

Towards the hidden beauty in my world.

I felt completely plugged into to the flow

Of the entire universe

As everything in me seemingly spoke

And connected in the most systematic manner.

I found an inner adventure within myself

Without having to spend a kobo on any plane ticket.


Merry Christmas

Peace and love to forever keep you aglow,