Could I Ever Not Be Distracted?!

make the earth cluster free

I have been plagued with not being able to focus on one thing per time. That is my biggest problem! I am presently on a quest to finding out how I could control that and I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles with concentrating. I mean, we live in a world where information moves even faster than the winds along the coasts of Antarctica and we are by make-up attracted to new things. Oh, the struggles of our information filled world!

Do I go around with my head fitted in a box so that I don’t get distracted or do I just pretend to listen when people try talking to me? The worst feeling in the world is when I finally get my attention on something and I’m really in ‘that’ mood and some happy-go-lucky chap comes to distract me. If I never get my focus back it would be a terror.

It’s funny that writing this at the moment is the distraction from what I was doing some minutes ago. Do I go on? Oh well.

  • Put away everything besides what you are presently working on

I have this really bad habit of clustering my work space while I work. I have it tidied when I’m through but it is always clustered while I work. People ask how I can navigate my way through, but I honestly don’t know. I’m only a master of organization on paper and after my work is finished. So for someone like me, this should be your first step. You really don’t need to see everything at once it makes the work a lot more overwhelming.

  • Talk to yourself

Let your conscience guide you. It’ll take a little getting used to but you’ll be in love with yourself when you learn to master the art of not just talking but listening to yourself. But then again talk is cheap. So you could start by penalizing yourself for everything you planned to get done but didn’t do. Be your very own slave driver. Deprive yourself of something you love until you are done.

  • Get ‘IR Baboon off your back’

DON’T ever tell yourself that you doubt you could ever change. There is power in our words. That monkey in your head could go on and on but you have the power to shut him up.

  • Reward yourself

I mean, who doesn’t love a little treat?! Be my guest and down a human-sized cake or sit back and enjoy a good movie if you please. BUT you should do this only if you got things done. Be a go getter and do not settle for less from yourself. This might be the most challenging part but it’ll be a lot more rewarding when you know you are getting paid for a job well done- even if it’s from your wallet. You’re your very own slave driver, remember.


Take up the challenge of trying to be a better you. You have to be warned ahead that it might not be easy but you’d be living in the castles of the person you’ll build of yourself.


Peace and Love to forever keep you aglow,




Does Nigeria need love or what?!

There is a lot that Nigeria needs (story of my life, you are probably thinking right now). I’m so sure we all have heard this being said everywhere or probably even said it or thought it ourselves. There are so many programs put in place to try to ‘intelligently’ solve many of the challenLove Nigeriages we are faced with. So far we have tried; however, we could do a lot better.
It seems to me like when we try to build up a portion of the circumference of our development circle, someone somewhere is trying to pull it down in the opposite direction. Am I on a quest to finding faults within our system? No, I just need to bring us to the same perspective, which I believe will not be in any way difficult for any sane Nigerian.
We need to start talking about solutions and not just problems. We are progressing steadily to the end of this year and as countless questions arise on my mind I practically came to a ‘thought-halt’ and a four letter word resonated in my mind.
What Nigeria needs is the Miracle of Love. She needs to be hugged each morning she awakens for she has been shaken for so long by those who have a say in her state of affairs- this, I must emphasize, doesn’t lie in the arms of our leaders alone, but in the hands of the younger generation as well. The amazing story is that with our very hands we gradually brought ourselves to this point- slowly and steadily.
She stretches and yawns each morning to curse the morning sun for shining so bright on her. Unknown to her every new day is the beginning of something great that life has to offer. We believe that we have enough resources but a government that seeks selfish interests. This, I must say, overlooks a neighbor who is involved in dirty business, a friend who evades his tax payments, a child who would not dare speak for the truth- just because half the populace doesn’t think it is right, but thinks that it is okay as long as you don’t get caught.
Why do people shunt queues like those behind them really have nowhere to go? Why would someone splash water on a pedestrian on a rainy day and not simply say “sorry”? Why can’t we let our own desires down for others sake sometimes and not always think about ourselves? Why does it even seem so bizarre when you do something nice for a stranger without them even asking? Or you bake a cake for a neighbor without them thinking you are trying to poison them (too bad if you find out that they fed it to the dogs)?!
When will we ever realize that the power that love carries brings people together rather than separate them? We do not only have to show love in Christmas season but 365 days in a year. It is the only thing that can bring together a people whose diversity in cultures unites them to form a beautiful rainbow of a country.
All these show that we don’t really believe we deserve love. Someone who doesn’t think he deserves love will not do the smallest thing to show it. This season I challenge you to do the unexpected kind deed to someone, for life is indeed small. Your little act of kindness will have a ripple effect and gradually bring Nigeria out of her situation.
We should take every moment to smile at the lady at the counter, to pay for someone’s bottle of coke or even the least, say a prayer for the ones we love and the ones who don’t really think so much of us.
God Bless Nigeria.

When Life Hands You Lemons…

“If life hands you lemons, make a lemonade.” – Dale Carnegie

With each passing day comes a higher demand for responsibility and attention. Before now I used to wonder why sometimes my mum would come home feeling all worn out. Unfortunately- or fortunately- life has dealt me my own deal! I must confess, growing up is not so easy!

You make money- but after trading with your time, energy and sleep. In my first two weeks at work, I felt a bit sick and I thought that I probably would, one day, slump! I always took the lift even to the 2nd floor! x_x …I mean, I didn’t mind reserving some of my energy and it didn’t hurt either 🙂 . My body didn’t deserve any more torture- at least that was how it felt!

But as time went on, I have learned to manage some things- myself most importantly- even better than I had a head knowledge about prior to this period. I realized that I couldn’t go on feeling like I had the entire world on my shoulders. I decided to make a decision. To hope for the best. At that time I had no idea what the best even felt like, let alone knowing what it was. I just knew somehow that I had to look beyond ‘the now’. I must say, it wasn’t the easiest task for me!

I’d just run down a list of the things I decided to start doing, things I needed to improve on, maintain or change.

1- I had to be grateful and thankful

Many people would do anything to be in my position. Many would give anything to even have as many loving people around as I have in my department…everyone is unbelievably nice!!!

2- To always smile…a LOT.

Many assume that smiling makes people look down on you in some way. Fortunately, I have received a lot of compliments for this. I must say it seemed strange to some people but I always had a way of putting a smile back on their faces, without even so much as saying a word. Even my Manager smiles back…what could be more encouraging?!!!

3- I dress for success.

This gives me a boost of confidence, however trivial it might seem to some people. Plus I receive compliments too 😉

4- Eat healthy

Besides ‘The Breakfast’ policy we have in my family, eating healthy, even in the midst of a daily all-expense-paid buffet at a hotel restaurant (one of the best in Lagos State, Nigeria…Eko Hotel) for lunch daily, is a personal responsibility. What on earth was I thinking?!!!…I love my life!

5- Express myself to God and listen to what He always has to say.

You may call this praying, Bible study or anything. I believe it’s all about my relationship with my Father. It hasn’t been easy, but I must say He is The best Person who has ever given me a shoulder to cry on…and He hands me tissues too!!!

6- I journal.

It might not be so easy sometimes, but it has helped me pull my thoughts together. I am able to- even if it might not be convenient- talk to myself and ask quality questions and at the same time provide proper answers. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my day, each day.

These are just a few things I did and have kept on doing to make my mind much more receptive as well as productive and my activities rewarding. You could tell me how you manage the lemons given to you and how you also make some money (rewards) from the lemonades you make.

Yours Sincerely,



Whenever I felt cold and angry

Your words were there to warm and soothe

Irrespective of how long it took

You found your way to help me heal.

A rare connection in opposites

An unimaginable variance in characters

But to bind stronger was our hearts’ cry

As so it did grow with each passing day.

A fondness of a little while

Which made days feel like years

Not years of the swiftness of time

But years of unimaginable understanding.

Possession of a strong will for happiness

It every day continued to nurture

Even in every noticeable absence

An impulse was felt like it was so close.

Always to please was never a concern

For it flowed with utmost ease

Lessons taught not by words in person

But understanding gained through actions.

All those made me sit and wonder

What true friendship was really made of

But among the words in speech and on paper

Its complexity could not be fathomed.

Yours Truly,


Waiting For Something Great

In our bid to  do something out of the ordinary we tend to forget about the little things that matter most to us, sometimes without us even realizing. I always wonder what my tomorrow will feel like but I’ve learned a great lesson (you could call it truth):

“Savour the moments that make up your  everyday life and try to make the most of them.”

Things might not always turn out the way we want but we should be thankful still. There’s something a friend of mine always says,

“In our bid for perfection, we become even more perfect than we ought to be.”

We walk and talk and eat and breathe forgetting that there is someone out there hoping to live our kind of life. Being grateful and thankful are therefore the perfect pair of what we can do while we wait to get something great or while we wait to become someone great. A point to remember, however,

“Greatness is a thing of the heart of love.”

Enjoy that conversation with your mum, or that moment with your friend, or that time you spend on that unending queue, or even that moment when you do not know what next to do; for in the midst of chaos, opportunities are birthed. And like a wise man said,

“We have opportunities around us everyday of our lives. Some of us just remain blinded to see it.”

So my word is, don’t miss that opportunity to smile at someone having a bad day, or help someone who doesn’t have something you have enough of. You never know what might happen in a couple of weeks. The person you are kind to  just might be the key to what you have been hoping for. Keep your eyes open to opportunities today.

Yours truly,


Hopes for our Fatherland

I was studying when i came across somethings i suppose we all need to know. I do not suppose. I know.

“An eye for an eye makes the world go blind”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Everywhere I’ve been to in recent days has been saturated with the fuel subsidy removal issue. What else do I expect, right? But I mean in class, my lecturer asked a question and no one could answer. All for someone to say it was all beause of the fuel subsidy issue. What on earth did that have to do with it?! Glad he didn’t get mad about the response. I never thought I’d have a reason to discuss this but right now I don’t think I have an option.

I’m glad about the idea of the non-violent protest but do people really understand what that means. Some people honestly dont even know the meaning of the word subsidy itself. All they are aware of is that the fuel price has incresed. I’m not on the side of the government but I just wish we could all take out time to educate those around us who are clueless about the true meaning of subsidy in it’s actual sense.

When this happens I think we will then be able to reason like a true set of wise people who would not trigger any formof violence regardless of the fact that the country’s armed forces are “ready for us”. All we need is a governmnt that will be transparent enough with it’s citizens. I end with this, also by Mahatma Gandhi,

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seemed invincible, but in the end, they always fall.”

We can all believe and hope for the best and try as much as possible to enlighten people on the true meaning of a non-violent protest if we are truly concerned about the lives of our fellow Nigerians. God bless Nigeria.

-With Love,


Uniqueness in Randomness

“So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness”
– Sidney Poitier

Randomness is not so much about doing something without any particular purpose, meaning or pattern because eventually, your randomness is different from mine and that is what makes us all unique. I used to think that life was formed out of pure randomness with no particular thing I was meant to do. When I was much younger I wanted to become an actress because I could do a good act in front of my mirror every day. I wanted to become an artist because I could draw. I wanted to become a doctor- but that changed as quickly as I grew up! I wanted to become a news caster because I could speak well. I wanted to become an architect because they imagined beautiful structures. I wanted to be a talk show host because I love Oprah and what she does! I thought I could be most of all that in my short life.
I came to realize, however, that since I have just one life, I could learn from those who were already all I wanted to be. It became so stressful at a point just trying to keep up. But I loved it and that was what kept me going. There was, however, something I was missing out. I forgot all about the randomness of things happening around me. The family and friends I have, the people that live around me, my roommate, my classmates, my lecturers, the lady who I always greet down my street even the guy that walks past me when I walk down the road. Many random things you might think, but they are all in my life for a reason.
So much goes on around us and it’s amazing how we could learn from experiences, events and people if only we paid attention to our so called ‘randomness’. I decided to then start with my family. There’s a lot to say about them for they have all taught me so much without them even knowing. For these reasons I realized that there was actually a real depth to every “I LOVE YOU” that I’ve ever said. Something about them made me love them. Something about them made me care about them. Something about them made me crave spending moments with them that I’d cherish forever.
I love my dad because he has taught me to be responsible, to love God and have an absolute and loyal trust in God- it is in a bogus term called FAITH. He has made me realize that God’s blessings are not so much about what we can do but who God is and what He can do. I love my mum because she teaches me to love people and be kind to them no matter what. She has taught me to always be patient, to care for others and pay attention to them and not just myself. She has taught me to always believe and hope for the best. She has taught me to always talk to God AND hear what he has to say to me from His word because that is the complete cycle of prayer.
I love my first sister because she has taught me to be determined and to not give in to pain or criticism. She has taught me that once you are completely convinced about something you should go after it and give yourself to it with all your heart. She has also taught me that love is the most beautiful thing in the world. She has taught me to create targets for myself and go after it to completion. She has taught me that you should expect the best always and never let anyone or anything make you look away from your target. She has taught me to think because ideas, once ignited, would work wonders in our lives and other’s.
I love my second sister because she has taught me that silence is golden; speak only when you need to. She has taught me to save and to always be content with what I have. She has taught me that having a great company of friends is priceless because it’s like you have your own little family away from home. She has also made me realize that God works best for us and does unimaginable things when we are at peace and hope in Him for the best.
My brother…hmm…the sweetest! He has taught me to play and to not take myself way too seriously even if I’m serious about important things. He has taught me to love (his wife will enjoy!). He has taught me that if you are interested in something, you can know all there was to know about it- talk about knowing football and footballers inside-out! (Not like they are sharing their pay with him oh!). He has taught me to be imaginative and to create in my mind things that’d make me smile. Most of all he has taught me to enjoy the company of children no matter how old I am. He has made me realize that spending time with them makes you let go of worries that drain the rest of world. He has taught me that excitement about something brings the best out of it.
There are a whole lot of things to say about what I learnt from the girl that sat next to me in class today, the girl who rolled her eyes at me on Tuesday, the guy that sold me a snack yesterday (he says his name is ‘Spontaneous’! ). The bottom line is: We all need to embrace the randomness and uniqueness about the randomness around us. It’s the randomness that nature has given to us that makes each and every one of us unique in our own special way. Embrace your own randomness and have a beautiful year ahead and remember that everyone in your life is there for one reason or another.
With Love,