She almost lost confidence in herself

Almost stumbled over her self.

Last I remember she stopped taking out

The time to take care of herself.

Because she didn’t think it necessary,

Or maybe the world just didn’t deserve so much.

She stopped liking much of the person she saw

Each time she looked straight into the mirror.

This didn’t happen in one day

This didn’t happen in one week,

Neither did this happen in a month.

It was, rather, a monthly downward spiral.

The beauty became so ordinary- even to herself.

Then she started to see reasons why

Things didn’t go right- or even as planned.

 Her plans were always right

Her predictions always precise

Where could she be?


She didn’t even know that   

she was going in the wrong direction.

She needed to see the person she was before.

Not to go back to her past

But to find that gracious person

Who had a smile on no matter what.

That person who saw only the good in others

No matter how badly hurt she was.

The person who believed only in the Truth.

The person who never doubted for one moment

That dreams always come true.

The person who made others happy

The one who lets go of all her cares.

The person whom the little angel

Always wanted to grow up to be like.

The person who changed for love

The person who gave all for love.

The one who always won against all odds

That ray of sunshine in the dark world.

I’ve asked myself through it all

Where is she?

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