Whenever I felt cold and angry

Your words were there to warm and soothe

Irrespective of how long it took

You found your way to help me heal.

A rare connection in opposites

An unimaginable variance in characters

But to bind stronger was our hearts’ cry

As so it did grow with each passing day.

A fondness of a little while

Which made days feel like years

Not years of the swiftness of time

But years of unimaginable understanding.

Possession of a strong will for happiness

It every day continued to nurture

Even in every noticeable absence

An impulse was felt like it was so close.

Always to please was never a concern

For it flowed with utmost ease

Lessons taught not by words in person

But understanding gained through actions.

All those made me sit and wonder

What true friendship was really made of

But among the words in speech and on paper

Its complexity could not be fathomed.

Yours Truly,


Waiting For Something Great

In our bid to  do something out of the ordinary we tend to forget about the little things that matter most to us, sometimes without us even realizing. I always wonder what my tomorrow will feel like but I’ve learned a great lesson (you could call it truth):

“Savour the moments that make up your  everyday life and try to make the most of them.”

Things might not always turn out the way we want but we should be thankful still. There’s something a friend of mine always says,

“In our bid for perfection, we become even more perfect than we ought to be.”

We walk and talk and eat and breathe forgetting that there is someone out there hoping to live our kind of life. Being grateful and thankful are therefore the perfect pair of what we can do while we wait to get something great or while we wait to become someone great. A point to remember, however,

“Greatness is a thing of the heart of love.”

Enjoy that conversation with your mum, or that moment with your friend, or that time you spend on that unending queue, or even that moment when you do not know what next to do; for in the midst of chaos, opportunities are birthed. And like a wise man said,

“We have opportunities around us everyday of our lives. Some of us just remain blinded to see it.”

So my word is, don’t miss that opportunity to smile at someone having a bad day, or help someone who doesn’t have something you have enough of. You never know what might happen in a couple of weeks. The person you are kind to  just might be the key to what you have been hoping for. Keep your eyes open to opportunities today.

Yours truly,