This is by a friend whose writing amazes me no end. Enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


To be totally honest I have never fully understood what love is, I have come to understand with each passing day that the meaning of Love evolves.

The most amazing part of it all is that we are faced with this invisible mirror constantly showing us what we fail to see.

Looking back now; I have no regrets about the past, with all the  love lost or even the lust for nothing teaches like having gone down the rabbit hole.

Today is valentines day and we are all expected to put up a show or spectacle to impress others, but really what is valentines days about?

Should it not be a day to appreciate all those that put out their necks for u? , all those that were there when you were  down and out, I believe that we are missing the point and that if we continue to market…

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Days Without Writing

This is one I believe everyone should read. Enjoy.

Waiting Outside of Parnassus

At what point is one allowed to call oneself a writer is a question that I’ve spent far too much time contemplating. When I was younger, I would shy away from calling myself a writer because my writing wasn’t serious, wasn’t good, wasn’t published, wasn’t published in a paying magazine, and myriad of other reasons. I now say that the only thing that makes a person a writer is that they write (something I’ve heard a lot of other people say for a long time before I accepted its obvious truth). As long as I spend a good portion of my time getting words on the page, I am a writer. Maybe not a good one, a successful one or any other qualifier, but I am inarguably a writer, though there is always a little (or huge) part of me that doesn’t think I can call myself one. Part of the…

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Be Your Dreams’ Bride



Morning after morning as the sun

Doth sit upon her throne from the east

She poses to you the question

Why not give your heart a feast?


Not one of material things

Which soon fly away with the wind

But with seemingly little beings

Whom upon your heart so bid.


Your dreams hope to feel her warmth upon their skin

As they hear her whisper to your heart

They hope that her words will one day win

The battle you are so much reluctant to start.


I hope you never have to regret

Why you ignored the voice of your heart

Your room of solace is the mood into which you get

Sad that you didn’t throw a dart.


You might not hit the bull’s-eye for starts

But you would, no doubt, have tried.

Enough with the numerous planning charts

Just come alive and be your dreams’ bride.

Live Life for Love

For most of my life I’ve always preferred to take things easy and make everything perfect. But I’ve realized that taking the easy road has made me more like a river; crooked and uncertain.
Heaven tried to teach me for so long but I was unfortunately a slow learner but I believe I’m picking up a bit faster now. Life should be loved and lived, for in the end it’s measured by the lives you touched through love and not just what you’ve done.
I’m taking life by the horns now and steering it in the direction I please. I will be like a flowing spring as I hope to bless more lives. I hope you do the same too.

Have a fabulous Friday night!

With love,


She almost lost confidence in herself

Almost stumbled over her self.

Last I remember she stopped taking out

The time to take care of herself.

Because she didn’t think it necessary,

Or maybe the world just didn’t deserve so much.

She stopped liking much of the person she saw

Each time she looked straight into the mirror.

This didn’t happen in one day

This didn’t happen in one week,

Neither did this happen in a month.

It was, rather, a monthly downward spiral.

The beauty became so ordinary- even to herself.

Then she started to see reasons why

Things didn’t go right- or even as planned.

 Her plans were always right

Her predictions always precise

Where could she be?


She didn’t even know that   

she was going in the wrong direction.

She needed to see the person she was before.

Not to go back to her past

But to find that gracious person

Who had a smile on no matter what.

That person who saw only the good in others

No matter how badly hurt she was.

The person who believed only in the Truth.

The person who never doubted for one moment

That dreams always come true.

The person who made others happy

The one who lets go of all her cares.

The person whom the little angel

Always wanted to grow up to be like.

The person who changed for love

The person who gave all for love.

The one who always won against all odds

That ray of sunshine in the dark world.

I’ve asked myself through it all

Where is she?

Ignite My Fire


My wood crackled without the amber colour

But with smoke arising from the ashes beneath

I looked around to find leaves to protect the charcoal

From getting ruined in the rain

Unfortunately all I found wouldn’t stay put.

Thinking that there was no hope

And no flame to fan to keep me warm

With the night time approaching

Along with it’s able cold companion

Here I am with nothing but the trees as my shelter.

Heaven please lend a hand or even two

For I know that there is hope for tomorrow.

Please help me find the perfect stones to strike

After my wood be dried

That I might once again ignite my fire.




I wrote this a few months ago while I was doing my internship, earlier this year. I sent this in for a competition but I never got a feedback so here is my write up for you to enjoy. I feel if you pay attention to the words you will round up the year beautifully and have a fun-filled Christmas.

Today I’ve decided to remain in my silences

And hear myself breathe lightly and slowly.

To hear the sound of my ball point pen

Kissing the coloured pages of my journal.

I pause and smile to myself

But I’m interrupted by footsteps

 Of a man who walks into my office.

Looking up at him as he smiles softly at me

I listened carefully to the syllables

Of his early morning greeting.

“Bonjour!” I reply with a smile.


As I walk down the lift lobby

I hear the rings of elevators

As they skilfully create a beautiful symphony

Making an awesome musical melody

Along with the rhythm of my footsteps.

I’m welcomed into the coffee room by warmth

As I pause to hear the door close behind me

Along with the sound of my cappuccino

Slowly filling my paper cup.

I reach to pick it up and then

I take a sip as it marries my sense of smell.



As I seat and place my cup on my table

I hear the clicks of a mouse along with a keyboard

Coming from the table behind me

Partitioned by a thinly sealed glass wall

I’m interrupted by the ring of my cell phone

But I dance along as I allow it to ring on

It stops before getting to the end of my favourite song.

As I reach to pick it to shut off its sound

I hear the sound of my bracelets

Racing down my wrist hitting one another

In semblance to balls on a pool table.


Walking out of my office building on my way to lunch

I hear the wind as it sweeps through my locks

But another sound beckons my attention.

It’s a leaf grazing the cemented floor

As the breeze sweeps it along

I wonder why it lay there unaccompanied

As if it awaited a journey with the wind.

I walk down to the buffet table

Hearing the sounds from people chatting

In no rhythm with clanking cutleries

With them hardly even noticing.


This was the most breath-taking experience

I ever had with my true nature.

Letting go of surrounding distractions

And letting my heart slowly lead me

Towards the hidden beauty in my world.

I felt completely plugged into to the flow

Of the entire universe

As everything in me seemingly spoke

And connected in the most systematic manner.

I found an inner adventure within myself

Without having to spend a kobo on any plane ticket.


Merry Christmas

Peace and love to forever keep you aglow,